By: Hannah Armantrout

According to “Today’s Geriatric Medicine”, falls have become the leading cause of injury in adults over the age of 65. This makes staying steady on your feet an important topic of discussion to have with your health care providers.

Many people who fall have issues with one or more of their body systems. Deficits in these systems can include impaired vision, weakness of the legs and ankles, and inner ear abnormalities. Taking certain medications can also increase your fall risk.

Another important factor that impacts your balance is your environment. People are more likely to fall when walking on uneven ground or where there are trip hazards present, such as rugs or thresholds. Insufficient lighting also elevates fall risk, so make sure you have nightlights on your path to the bathroom is you get up at night.

A Physical Therapist can help you decrease your risk of falling by assessing the systems in your body that keep you upright. After the assessment, the therapist will develop a specific program for you that would address your individual weaknesses and increase your confidence when moving around.

They can also help you look at your environment and determine if there are any changes that can be made to decrease your fall risk. These types of changes help make you more aware of things you could trip on, such as cords, rugs, uneven spots in the floor, and short steps.

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