Athletic Training

First to take care of your athlete!

Running on to the court or field, that’s our Athletic Trainers, doing what they love to do!  Just like Mom, they take care of the athlete before, during and after the game or practice.  Our Athletic Trainers cover 4 area high school and are part of the Athletic Departments team.

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Athletic Training

The Licensed Athletic Trainer is responsible for athletic injury prevention through education of proper conditioning, body mechanics, nutrition, and stretching. The Trainer also prepares the athletes for practice or competition with any necessary taping, wrapping, bracing or stretching. The trainer is available to all athletes in the Athletic Training room at the schools for the last class period of the day, to answer questions and perform injury screening. The trainer will then attend various practice sessions.

We are proud to staff three (3) local high school athletic departments with Licensed Athletic Trainers (AT).

Petoskey – Charlevoix –  Inland Lakes

Injury Screening

The trainer will screen any injury or examine an athlete experiencing pain.

Please feel free to contact our AT’s to find out more about this program:

Petoskey High School
Lindsey Griffes – 231-348-7950 or 231-348-5155

Charlevoix High School
Mikayla Gilbert – 231-547-0380 or 231-547-8249

Inland Lakes High School
Kaylyn Schiemann  – 231-238-4880

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