Who we are!

We pride ourselves in making you feel you are part of our NM Sports Medicine Family.  From our patients to our staff, we value our relationship and offer a caring nurturing enviroment for recovery.

Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants, Occupational Therapists, Licensed Athletic Trainers, Technicians, Aides, Front Desk, and in our Billing Department, we have gathered a group of compassionate and caring individuals who embrace putting our clients first, and keeping them there.

Introducing Northern Michigan Sports Medicine Center’s Total Knee Rehabilitation Institute
Reclaim mobility and get rid of knee pain with our compasionate therapists.

30 Years of Service & Dedication to Our Communities.

It began as a dream; a dream of a state-of-the-art Sports Medicine Center in Petoskey and becoming an exemplary provider of rehabilitation services. The groundwork was laid and the rest has flowed from there. In the early going we saw athletes from Petoskey, Charlevoix, Harbor Springs, Boyne City and even from across the bridge. At one point an all-state Basketball player from Petoskey met a downhill ski champion from Charlevoix in the clinic. Oh, that encounter only lasted for one date. We weren’t great at sustaining all things!  While seeing athletes, we also provided therapy services to their parents, and grandparents and the two great-grandparents.  The residents of northern Michigan are an active bunch.

Our Athletic Training Services have evolved as well. Initially providing AT coverage for Petoskey’s home football games, we now have 12 Athletic Trainers covering 6 high schools for football and 5 for multiple sports throughout the year. Two years ago we added Strength Training at Petoskey High School and now provide that same service to two other area schools. That same training staff provide summer conditioning programs for area athletes that the local teams remain competitive and athletes at all levels of competition can reach their potential.

Having gained a reputation as a family-place, it seemed only fitting to welcome our sons, Joel and Jeff, each Physical Therapist in their own right, to our group several years ago.

Helping our active clients get back in action remains our goal. The field of rehabilitation evolves as rapidly as the technology around us, as does athletic training services.  Even with those advancements, the most important feature of each of those processes remains the human, one on one contact. That has been and remains our number one concern; seeing that our clients are well cared for. Sorting through the issues around an acute or long term disability is our greatest concern and the focus of why we are here. So, for the next thirty, we will strive to enhance the active lifestyles of the people of northern Michigan and be that exemplary service.

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