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At this time, NMSMC is working hard and is focused on offering a safe environment for our physical therapy patients and staff.

The Governor announced this morning to allow gyms to open for indoor clients. The next step for us will be providing a safe environment for our fitness clients, whether that is for individuals or classes.

We are continuing to explore what a return to those activities might look like, and how we can safely manage such activities in addition to patient care. There are some creative ideas being aired!

Stay tuned!


Whether you’re thinking about your first 5K or looking to set a new PR, our new Run360 program will help you put your best foot forward. This multi-dimensional assessment includes video gait assessment, biomechanical assessment, exercise prescription, and periodic check-ins to keep you on track to accomplish your goals.  Our skilled clinicians will help you address areas of weakness or tightness throughout your body, advise you on running volume progression, and will be easily accessible if any injuries pop up while you train. Program space is limited so call today to get started towards your new personal best!

Running coaches – Mary Sullivan and Jennifer Wolf

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