Finally; Fashionable and Supportive Sandals!
One of the biggest challenges PT’s have when treating patients with foot problems is finding summer footwear that can give them support.  Orthotics (link to previous orthotic post) are a great way to correct foot problems, but they unfortunately do not work in sandals.  Chocco’s and Birkenstocks have good foot beds, but some patients are looking for less substantial sandals for cruising downtown or at the beach. 

A patient recently discovered a type of sandal that she loves and has considerably helped her pain, so I thought I’d give them a mention.  They are called Orthaheel, and I was surprised to see that they actually provided a great deal of correction for my patient’s pronated feet.  Most shoes and sandals I see provide very little, if any, foot correction, so it was pretty cool to find some that actually work and look nice.

If you’re having trouble findings comfortable shoes, it’s possible that mechanical issues in your foot should be addressed along with new footwear.  If you’re just not sure, call us to schedule a free consultation or see your doctor and ask for a prescription for physical therapy.