A high school basketball game is in the third period and the score is tied.  A rivalry between two schools has the stands packed with students, parents, and hometown fans. The noise level is at a record high when all of a sudden, the unthinkable happens, and the gym goes quiet.  Two players are down on the court. As the fans go silent in anticipation of what just happened, the athletic trainer runs into action and is on the scene within seconds, bringing a sigh of relief throughout the stands.

Our northern Michigan student athletes and parents are very lucky to have a group of talented athletic trainers working with them to ensure their success and safety on the field.  NMSMC provides four local high schools – Petoskey, Charlevoix, Inland Lakes, and Cheboygan – with athletic training services by having seven athletic trainers on staff.  A 2012 study by the American Academy of Pediatrics found that high schools with ATs have lower overall injury rates.

Our licensed athletic trainers are experts in:

  • Applying protective and injury-preventive devices such as tape, bandages, and braces
  • Recognizing and evaluating injuries
  • Providing first aid and emergency care
  • Providing concussion testing, evaluation and management
  • Developing and carrying out rehabilitation programs for injured athletes
  • Planning and implementing comprehensive programs to prevent injury and illness among athletes
  • Coordinating care with parents, coaches, and other administrative staff

Whether it is a simple ankle sprain while walking your dog, or a broken arm during a high school game, our licensed athletic trainers are skilled health professionals that will get you back on track and back into action.

Each year we celebrate the athletic trainers at NMSMC.  This team of talented and dedicated ATs are first responders on the field for an injury and every day after school to support all the high school athletes.

Below are stories of appreciation from student athletes and coaches 

Cheboygan high school athletic trainer- Emily Mahoney

Injuries are difficult to deal with and can potentially keep you from performing the daily activities you enjoy. This was the case for me, when I was sidelined after getting hurt in my first football game of the season. However, I knew I would be back as soon as possible because of my athletic trainer Emily Mahoney.

Emily diagnosed the injury and created a plan to get me back on the football field doing what I love. Emily had a positive impact on my life by helping me finish my senior football season strong, instead of sitting on the side lines. Emily has helped me rebound from multiple injuries and, no matter the problem, she always gets me back to peak performance.

I would like to thank Emily and the entire Northern Michigan Sports Medicine Staff for making me feel welcome and for helping me recover so that I can pursue my athletic goals.

Beau Ginop

Cheboygan football and baseball student-athlete

Petoskey high school athletic trainer- Lindsey Griffes

I am extremely fortunate to coach at a school that prioritizes the health and welfare of our student-athletes, by having a full-time certified athletic trainer from Northern Michigan Sports Medicine on staff. Our athletic trainers have been an invaluable resource to all of our coaches since they joined our athletic department 15 years ago.

Lindsey’s guidance on injury prevention has helped to drastically reduce the number of games our student-athletes miss, and her expertise on injury diagnosis and treatment allows our players to get back on the field safely and quickly. She builds deep connections with all of our teams and prioritizes both the physical and mental health of each of our student-athletes. Therefore, she has my implicit trust as she helps to manage our team throughout the season.

Her constant presence and feedback allows me to run more effective training sessions which ultimately leads to more success. Lindsey is undoubtedly the most important member of our athletic department.

Zach Jonker

Petoskey Varsity Soccer Coach

Charlevoix high school athletic trainer- Mikayla Scholts

To me, an athletic trainer (AT) is someone who keeps athletes safe from injuries and provide help if they are injured in a sport. My experience is ATs are super helpful in many ways, whether you have a question or an injury. They always help in some way, if you ask for it.

My relationship with Mikayla over the past 2 years has grown. She’s someone that I can trust and is all around fun and easy to talk to. When I first met her, I knew that she was going to be the perfect athletic trainer and fit in with all of the athletes. Sure enough, everyone loves having her as our athletic trainer and has built a bond with her.”

Karlee Eaton

Charlevoix volleyball, basketball, soccer student-athlete

Inland Lakes high school athletic trainer- Kaylyn Schiemann

Athletic trainers are partners in assisting our athletes reach their full potential athletically. They are critical partners supporting athletes who endure injuries or setbacks. I enjoy having Kaylyn at both practices and games because it’s another level of support for the athletes.

In practice, it’s great for any injury needs, but often I ask our athletic trainer about ways to increase the agility, speed, and ability.

It is critical to have an athletic trainer so we can work together to create an effective plan to get an athlete back to speed after an injury. During games, Kaylyn takes a lot of pressure off me as a head coach. Injuries occur and it’s helpful to know I will have an athletic trainer help me make decisions on how to treat an injury.

Our school is very fortunate to have a long history of having an athletic trainer support our coaches and athletes. They also help athletes from other schools too. I have been at away games when athletes suffered critical injuries and didn’t have any support, our entire conference benefits from our athletic trainer.

I have had several athletic trainers over the years and they become a support system for the athletes and help create a positive school culture.

Lee Nash

Inland Lakes Head Boys Varsity Basketball Coach

Athletic trainers are very important in the world of sports. They help all athletes recover as fast as possible from any injury. It is very nice having our athletic trainer, Kaylyn, around. It makes me feel better as an athlete and I know my teammates do too.

Sam Mayer

Inland Lakes football, basketball, track student-athlete