Exercise During Pregnancy
By Sandy Willoughby PT, CSCS, CAPP-OB

Generally, the more fit you are before you become pregnant, the more exercise options you have when you are pregnant, and the faster you get back to your pre-pregnancy routine.   The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has published updated guidelines on exercise during pregnancy and can be referenced by clicking on the link.

A prenatal exercise class has bonus of adding the psychosocial part to your exercise routine.  This means you get to exercise with other pregnant moms who may be experiencing pregnancy for the first time or the fifth time!  You can enjoy comparing stories, learning different opinions and options, and making friends that you keep after your babies are born.   

When choosing an exercise class, look for an experienced instructor who is knowledgeable about pregnancy and all the changes that come with it.  Classes designed by an experienced instructor address common pregnancy related discomforts in order to alleviate them or prevent them from occurring in the first place.

To learn about our Pre-natal/Post-partum exercises classes, call us for a free consultation.  Keep in mind that your body will be changing and it is more important than ever to listen to your body while exercising!