The American College of Sports Medicine just released their 9th annual survey on what fitness trends we should be expecting to see in 2015. Around 3,400 fitness professionals from around the world were asked which trends they have seen growing in popularity over the past year and to project the most popular workouts for next year.

It was interesting to see that 3 of the top 4 trends have the common theme of getting back to the basics of fitness. Body-weight workouts are the top projected trend for 2015. I’ll admit that I love seeing push-ups, sit-ups, burpees, and squats occupying the top spot. High-Intensity Interval Train (HIIT) is in the number two spot down from number one. HIIT utilizes short bursts of intense effort followed by rest periods of different durations.

For the rest of the list, check out the full article linked above. Northern Michigan Sports Medicine Center offers several classes that utilize HIIT, body-weight, and general strength training, so check our Wellness Programs for more information.

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