Northern Michigan Sports Medicine Center, a trailblazer in the rehabilitation industry, is thrilled to announce the introduction for the highly anticipated Total Knee Rehabilitation Institute. This groundbreaking service is set to transform the physical therapy landscape and offer unprecedented value to our esteemed patients.

Total Knee Rehabilitation Institute represents a true revolution in the rehabilitation sector, and we are thrilled to embark on this journey with our customers,” said Jeff Smith, Physical Therapist, and owner at Northern Michigan Sports Medicine Center. “Knee-related issues are among the most prevalent orthopedic challenges faced worldwide. Our vision with the Total Knee Rehabilitation Institute is to offer holistic, advanced, and personalized care that encompasses the full spectrum of knee rehabilitation. We want our patients to walk into a brighter, pain-free future.” “

The Total Knee Rehabilitation Institute (TKRI) has a pioneering three-phase program designed to offer a complete, holistic treatment path for individuals with knee ailments. This comprehensive approach targets every stage of a patient’s journey, ensuring maximum mobility and optimal recovery.

The comprehensive program encompasses a three-phase approach that aims to optimize every stage of the total knee replacement process:

  1. Pre-habilitation:
  2. Pre-Op Preparation:
  3. Post-Op Rehabilitation:

Smith, remarks, “Our three-phase approach is not just a medical program, but a testament to our belief in total patient care. From the moment they step into TKRI until they confidently stride out post-rehabilitation, we’re with them every step of the way.”

The Total Knee Rehabilitation Institute is committed to redefining the standard of care for total knee replacements. Our interdisciplinary approach involves seamless communication between our experienced therapists, outpatient’s surgical team, and the patients themselves, ensuring a continuum of care that significantly enhances patient satisfaction and outcomes.