NMSMC’s Pre-Operative Total Knee Replacement Preparation Program


What is the Pre-op Total knee prep program? 

We are excited to tell you about the results we are seeing from our updated Pre-Operative Total Knee Replacement Preparation ProgramThis is our specialized total knee joint replacement preparation program offered exclusively at all our seven clinics.  Pre-Op Total Knee Prep provides you with practical and useful information to help optimize your outcome following total knee replacement surgery.

The Pre-Op Prep is completed in just 1 physical therapy visit, which is covered by your insurance provider.  Patients are encouraged to schedule their Pre-Op Prep appointment 2-4 weeks prior to their surgery.

Top 6 results Patients are seeing after completing OUR Pre-Op Total Knee Prep?

  • Better understand what to expect with their recovery following surgery.
  • Know what normal healing tissue looks like, and how normal pain progresses following surgery.
  • Comprehend how to manage pain medication following surgery.
  • Improved conditioning, strengthening, and flexibility due to pre-op rehab program prior to their upcoming surgery.
  • Know how to fully prepare their home for ease and safety prior to surgery.
  • Understand what equipment is needed (and most useful) following surgery.

WHAT MAKES OUR Pre-Op total knee Prep Different?

Our unique approach to pre-operative preparation focuses on mentally and physically preparing patients for their upcoming surgery.  Their fear and anxiety about upcoming knee replacement surgery are reduced.  They enjoy a smoother recovery post-operatively.

Rather than a standardized group joint clinic, we offer an individualized one-on-one approach for each patient to customize a program to their specific needs. Pre-Op Total Knee Prep not only addresses standard issues surrounding upcoming surgery (household and equipment needs, pain and swelling management, exercises) but also helps patients paint a clear picture on what the recovery process will look like for them.

Knowing what to expect during each step of the recovery, from pre-op preparations to return to full activity, takes the fear and worry about ‘what’s this going to be like for me?’ out of play.

To schedule your Pre-Op Total Knee Prep appointment, please call one of our seven facilities throughout northern Michigan.